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Show Percentages in SharePoint 2010 Search Refiner Counts

[ 1 ] August 4, 2010 |

I have shown how to show item counts in the Search Refinement Panel previously in this blog post, but you can also choose to show percentages in this field as well.

Below is a image of the standard search refinement results with the Result Type specified to show counts:


Standard Results Count

Now in order to show percentages instead of count when you set up your ShowCounts attribute in the Filter Category Definition of your Refinement Panel you specify Percentage instead of Count as seen below:


Change the ShowCount attribute in your refinement category

Or easier for us all to copy you simply specify the following to any refinement category you wish:


From there apply the changes, fire off another search and now instead of counts you get a percentage calculation displayed:


Excellent percentages instead of counts!

Pretty cool out of the box feature that you can use to your particular business problem or just to have some fun Smile

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  1. Alan says:

    Try as I might I can’t make the refinement panel show percentages. As far as I can tell the immediate cause is that the input to the refinement XSL contains only counts and not percentages. For example, here’s a element on which the refiner XSLT operates:

    SO Intranet
    SO Intranet
    …blah blah…

    If you can offer any suggestions as to what I’ve failed to do they will be gratefully received.

    NB This is is not using FAST – just a standard search center.

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