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Category: General

SharePoint 2010 Caveats:Dont Get Caught Out!

[ 5 ] February 19, 2012

“Yes but…” is a common answer given by experienced SharePoint consultants when asked if a particular solution design “will work”. One of the key reasons for this is that SharePoint’s greatest strength is one of its weaknesses. The sheer number of components or features jam packed into the product, means that there are many complex interactions between them – often with small gotchas or large caveats that were not immediately apparent while the sales guy was dutifully taking you through the SharePoint pie diagram.

Gamification of the Intranet

[ 14 ] January 5, 2012

Details how the principles of gamification can be applied to an Intranet scenario and provides an overview of how gamification concepts can be leveraged in SharePoint.

Effective Requirements Gathering for Search in SharePoint 2010

[ 2 ] November 9, 2011

I am doing a webcast on the 11/11/11 about effective requirements gathering for search in SharePoint 2010. Join me to learn how to gather requirements that are going to make a tangible difference to your SharePoint search experience.

Search Governance in SharePoint 2010

[ 2 ] October 17, 2011

How do you make sure that your search in SharePoint is effective for all users. Part of a good search strategy is to have good governance in search.
This article will explain the various elements you will need to effectively govern your search in SharePoint.

SharePoint Chicken DC

[ 1 ] August 14, 2011

My experiences at SharePoint Saturday DC which was consumed by the love of chicken.

SharePoint Business Architect

[ 10 ] July 10, 2011

My thoughts on an article that presented the role of a Business Architect and how it might be applied to the SharePoint world. How beneficial would a role be that could balance and understand how to best leverage SharePoint for maximum business value?

SharePoint 2010 Wireframes with Intranet Modeller

[ 4 ] July 4, 2011

How to use Intranet Modeler to create some cool wireframes for free. This provides some significant time savings such as creating an interactive model, a site structure diagram as well as documentation.

SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Master Class Review

[ 2 ] June 6, 2011

Review of Paul Culmsee’s SharePoint Governance and Information Architecture Master Class that was held in Seattle on May 5th.

Search Refinement Accuracy Index In SharePoint 2010

[ 7 ] May 21, 2011

Details how the Accuracy Index is used to generate search refiners. Must read if you are working with the refinement panel

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