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Should you migrate to SharePoint 2013 when its released?

Should you migrate to SharePoint 2013 when its released?

[ 3 ] October 4, 2012

Yes, another SharePoint migration. It feels like you just finished the last one and we are already talking about making a move to the next one. Well, that’s what I want to talk to you about today. Should you be migrating? Is it worth it? What are the efforts involved in migrating?

Simple Document Library Governance in SharePoint

[ 8 ] September 9, 2012

Details some quick and simply configuration and governance options that make the experience of using Document Libraries in SharePoint much more effective and enjoyable.

Whats new in WCM for Sharepoint 2013 on CMS Connected

[ 1 ] August 19, 2012

I am doing an interview for the CMS Connected show on the 24th August 2012 about the new WCM features in SharePoint 2013. Make sure that you tune in and please let me know if you have any questions that you would like answered!

Social in SharePoint 2013: Newsfeed Posting and Replying

Social in SharePoint 2013: Newsfeed Posting and Replying

[ 5 ] July 25, 2012

Details the new social capabilities of SharePoint 2013 focusing on the posting and replying options in the newsfeed.

Dealing with documents for irregularly recurring meetings in SharePoint 2010

[ 2 ] July 25, 2012

This post will examine a couple of ways of tracking and distributing documents for irregular recurring meetings in SharePoint 2010

Why SharePoint Intranet Projects Go Wrong

[ 9 ] May 22, 2012

Details why some SharePoint Intranet projects go wrong and some of the common causes of these issues. If you are embarking on an Intranet project on the SharePoint platform then this might give you some advice that can steer you toward success.

Why you shouldn’t use Team Sites in SharePoint 2010

[ 37 ] April 16, 2012

Details why the concept of ‘Team Sites’ don’t make any sense to end users in your organization and how to create process or business specific sites that can provide tangible value.

What makes a good SharePoint Analyst? Part 2

[ 5 ] April 10, 2012

Details some more essential qualities of what a SharePoint Analyst is and some of the ways that you can provide value to the organizations that you are working with through the SharePoint platform.

SharePoint MVP for 2012

[ 1 ] April 9, 2012

I was fortunate enough to be awarded my second SharePoint MVP award! Thanks to all those people that listened, helped and inspired.

SharePoint 2010 Caveats:Dont Get Caught Out!

[ 5 ] February 19, 2012

“Yes but…” is a common answer given by experienced SharePoint consultants when asked if a particular solution design “will work”. One of the key reasons for this is that SharePoint’s greatest strength is one of its weaknesses. The sheer number of components or features jam packed into the product, means that there are many complex interactions between them – often with small gotchas or large caveats that were not immediately apparent while the sales guy was dutifully taking you through the SharePoint pie diagram.

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