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Mapping the process of collaboration on SharePoint

[ 4 ] July 8, 2012

SharePoint can’t help them improve “collaboration” when you don’t know what it is that people need to collaborate on , why they are doing it and what they need as a result. As the tool, SharePoint helps to facilitate the process and provides more visibility into the process and artifacts.

Why SharePoint Intranet Projects Go Wrong

[ 9 ] May 22, 2012

Details why some SharePoint Intranet projects go wrong and some of the common causes of these issues. If you are embarking on an Intranet project on the SharePoint platform then this might give you some advice that can steer you toward success.

Why you shouldn’t use Team Sites in SharePoint 2010

[ 37 ] April 16, 2012

Details why the concept of ‘Team Sites’ don’t make any sense to end users in your organization and how to create process or business specific sites that can provide tangible value.

What makes a good SharePoint Analyst? Part 2

[ 5 ] April 10, 2012

Details some more essential qualities of what a SharePoint Analyst is and some of the ways that you can provide value to the organizations that you are working with through the SharePoint platform.

What is SharePoint Business Value?

What is SharePoint Business Value?

[ 5 ] January 31, 2012

Trying to detail what value SharePoint will provide a business can sometimes turn into an endless parade of platitudes. Business value comes in many forms, this articles discusses just a few.

Gamification of the Intranet

[ 14 ] January 5, 2012

Details how the principles of gamification can be applied to an Intranet scenario and provides an overview of how gamification concepts can be leveraged in SharePoint.

Search Governance in SharePoint 2010

[ 2 ] October 17, 2011

How do you make sure that your search in SharePoint is effective for all users. Part of a good search strategy is to have good governance in search.
This article will explain the various elements you will need to effectively govern your search in SharePoint.

Managing File Types and Sizes in SharePoint 2010

[ 4 ] October 9, 2011

Details how to control the file types and sizes in SharePoint 2010

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